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I’m ready!

February 13, 2010

How often do you do something crazy?  For this girl, it’s not too often!  I’m what you would call “Type A.”  I plan, I prepare, I research…so…what has gotten into me?

Am a writing my first blog post?  Do I have my own blog?  Wait a sec…hold your horses!  I read blog posts, not write them!  Sheesh!  Get a grip!

…but….hmmm…this could work!

I am a healthy girl woman.  I strive for balance in every day.  I have a passion for life and love to bring that out in others.  I share stories and chat about healthy living everyday.  This is just another exciting forum for me to enter.  It have travelled a long road before reaching this point in my life, but I am learning to live in the “now.”

So, here it is!  My first post….this could get interesting!  I’d better start taking some pictures or the blog world is just gonna serve me up a can of whoop ass!

Talk soon, folks!

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