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Bittersweet Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2010

So sweet!

Happy Valentine’s Day, my loves!  It seems we all have such strong opinions about Valentine’s Day.  Adam’s family owns the flower shop that I worked at for six years, so I think I’ve heard them all – ranging from “oohhhing and aaahhing” romance to the “commercial holiday” cranksters.  Ah, well, I’m pretty apathetic towards it myself…but I do love love! I don’t necessarily believe that we need February 14th to buy cards and gifts for the ones you love, but a little reminder to tell your loved ones how you feel never hurt anyone.

As I mentioned yesterday, my family and friends will attend a memorial service today to remember our close friend, who passed away last week.  It was a tragic accident, but we all want to join together to celebrate his life.  So, while I will spend my day surrounded by loved ones, it doesn’t feel like the typical lovefest we enjoy on Valentine’s Day.  It’s one those hard things that we all face and deal with at some point.

Oh!  The flowers?  Right….that’s a much brighter topic!  My Valentine delivered these one day early.  In fact, they were sitting on my bedside table waiting for me when I entered my bedroom yesterday!  Sweet surprise! It is still extra special to receive my own flowers, especially when the mix includes the glorious cymbidium orchids.  I love it!

Orchids, how I love thee!

After enjoying my flowers and relaxing around the house, Adam and I enjoyed a relaxing night of Lucy and TV – snuggies may have been worn!


I went to bed early and enjoyed a solid eight hour snooze with the pup.  My body sprung up at 7 with a plan!  You guessed it – YOGA BREAD! I was so excited that I almost forgot to share the yumminess with you….and I know you’ll all be dying to know where I got the classy platter!

Toasted and smeared with Teddie's Unsalted Smooth Peanut Butter.

Look at the sweet, sweet cranberries and crunchy pumpkin seeds - to die for!

I savored every bite!  After digesting, I’m heading off to the gym for “the circuit.”  It’s a circuit training class, completed with a partner.  I can always feel the burn at the end…gotta love a good sweat sesh!

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  1. Carol permalink
    February 14, 2010 4:57 pm

    I have never heard of Yoga Bread, but it does look delish, I think I will need to take a trip to Dave’s and get me some of that!!

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