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Fat Tuesday Fiesta

February 16, 2010

Happy Fat Tuesday!

I must admit – I did not celebrate with jambalya tonight….because it was Mexican night in this house!  With the snow falling and a chill in the air, I decided that I needed something simple and hearty for dinner.  What fits the criteria, you ask?

Black Bean and Corn Chicken Chili

I love one-pot meals.  Chili is especially good because there are countless fantastic variations.  I always have plenty of ingredients in the fridge and pantry that I can throw in a pot for yummy chili.  Tonight was no different.  I always get all of the prep work out of the way ahead of time.

Ready to cook!

Once my ingredients were ready, I got my pot on the stove and got cookin!  Within minutes the kitchen smelled fabulous and my chili was bubbling.

Simmering on the stove.

I like to let my chili simmer for awhile to let all of the flavors blend together.  Is it me or does the flavor of chili just get better as it sits? I’m already looking forward to the leftovers!  While the chili simmered, I cooked up a batch of brown rice to soak up all the chili goodness.

The recipe worked well, but I like my chili with a little more heat than it called for, so I added some of this at the end.

Great, smoky flavor.

My dinner:

Soothes the soul!

I topped my chili with a bit of shredded cheddar and the Frank’s Red Hot.  I know my food presentation is less than stellar, but what this dish lacks in appearance, it makes up for in flavor!  Love at first bite!

I’ve enjoyed my lazy day at home, but I’m about to venture out into the world with my momma.  We’re gonna hit up Market Basket – only the busiest grocery store ever!  We have our fingers crossed that it will be smooth sailing tonight due to the weather.  Wish us luck!

It’s all about the Olympics and American Idol tonight – what will you be watching?

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  1. Carol permalink
    February 17, 2010 2:10 am

    We decided on American Idol tonight, because Uncle Jon is really ticked off with all the commercials. They show and event, then go to the commentators, then commercial , every 5 mins!!

  2. February 17, 2010 2:42 pm

    Screw both shows….I watched Lost! :o)

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