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Hair She Is

February 17, 2010

Hair Before

Big plans today!  The hair salon.  After a satisfying lunch and some time with In Defense of Food, I headed out for some fun with Lisa.  My hair is in that awkward “growing out” phase and it gets to be a straggly mess quickly, so I’ve been getting my hair cut pretty often.  Plus, I love Lisa and have so much fun chatting during my appointments (right, Lisa?)

I decided that, February or not, I needed some more blonde in my life!

After Hair

Lisa hooked me up with some highlights and gave me a trim to get me through the growing-out process.  Thanks, lady!  My hair always feels so much healthier after a cut.  Sometimes the hot showers and shampoo take their toll because my workouts force me to wash my hair so often.  Ah well, just means more fun times at the salon for me!

I sipped on some green tea throughout my appointment and came home ready to munch – trail mix!


The cashews and M&Ms are the best part!

In a bit I’m going to start prepping for dinner.  I’ve got a new, vegetarian recipe that I’m testing out.  Check back for all the deets!

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