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My Friend Joe

February 20, 2010

I spent a little time with my old friend, Joe, this afternoon.  Trader Joe, that is!  I love Trader Joe’s, but I don’t do much of my shopping there because the nearest location is about 40 minutes from home.  In honor of The Vegetarian Challenge, I decided to take a trip to stock up on some of their specialty items.

Foodie Fun!

I didn’t make a full meal plan for the week, but I went with some ideas of the items I really wanted needed.  Weekends are notoriously busy at grocery stores, but I braved the crowds!  The employees at Trader Joe’s were so efficient that the busyness of the day didn’t affect my shopping experience at all.  I loaded my carriage pretty quickly!

The foodie finds.

I came home with plenty of great buys!  Here are the highlights:


  • red and green bell peppers
  • yellow squash
  • zucchini
  • eggplant
  • 2 grapefruits
  • clementines
  • 1.5 lbs. fresh blueberries
  • frozen pineapple tidbits
  • frozen cherry berry medley


  • liquid egg whites – oatmeal pancakes, anyone?
  • Trader Joe’s fresh ricotta

Whole Grains:

  • whole wheat pizza dough x2
  • whole wheat couscous
  • brown rice tortillas

Veggie Challenge Specials:

  • sliced almonds
  • cashew pieces
  • TJ’s roasted garlic hummus
  • canned black beans, kidney beans, and cannellini beans – veggie chili, coming right up!
  • frozen vegetable gyoza – for quick, easy meal!
  • frozen edamame
  • organic tempeh – trying for the first time!  Any suggestions?
  • extra firm tofu

Extras that jumped into my cart:

  • dried unsulfured apricots
  • brown sugar – time to bake!
  • TJ’s salsa
  • Clif bars – Carrot Cake and Peanut Toffee Buzz

Lots of fun at Trader Joe’s…good thing I only go every so often because I bought a lot of food!

Don’t worry, I did follow the golden rule of grocery shopping:  Never shop hungry.

I ate a tasty lunch before I left – so tasty that I nibbled before I took a picture, oops!

My lunch consisted of a slice of leftover grilled pizza topped with roasted tomato sauce, caramelized onions, and fresh mozzarella.  I paired it with a salad of romaine, mixed baby greens, green pepper, red pepper, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, and crushed peanuts. It was a fresh, delicious lunch and I got rid of some leftovers!

Time to relax…maybe some reading…maybe a nap with my dog!

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