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Comfort Food

February 24, 2010

A few weeks ago, I told Adam I was in the mood for comfort food. He laughed and we got into a discussion about comfort food.  What makes food “comfort food?” I think we all have an emotional attachment to certain foods.  For me its classics, like mashed potatoes, chicken pot pie (veggie pot pie?!), or a warm bowl of soup.  When I saw the weather today, I knew it called for soup.

Problem: I had no homemade soup!

Solution: Amy’s Organics Low Fat Vegetable Barley Soup

I can’t remember the last time I had canned soup.  For a long time I had high blood pressure and avoided canned soups because of the sodium.  I did have this can stashed away for a rainy day (such a comic!), so I grabbed it for today’s lunch. This the first product I try from Amy’s Organics.  I chose it for its simplicity and classic appeal.

The ingredients.

I poured my soup into a container, mixed it with some leftover spaghetti squash and it was ready in no time!


With the addition of the squash the soup had the perfect consistency.  It had small pieces of veggies and I enjoyed the barley as an alternative to traditional pasta or noodles.  It warmed me up and gave me just the comfort I was looking for on a chilly Wednesday afternoon.  I can’t wait to try more of Amy’s products in the future!

No running today…time to break out the yoga mat.  I’m headed to pilates at 4:30!

What’s you favorite “comfort food?”

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  1. February 24, 2010 9:41 pm

    Macaroni and cheese please. I’m going to Jacob Worths in Boston’s theater district on 3/5 and I already know that’s what I’m planning to order.

  2. February 25, 2010 1:32 am

    Mac & cheese is the bizness.

  3. February 25, 2010 9:22 pm

    I love my foam roller! It hurts so good! Haha. I use mine to loosen up my IT band. Hope your hip flexors start to feel better 🙂

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