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Yoga Glow

March 7, 2010

I finally did it!  I went to my first hot yoga class. Attending a hot yoga class was on my “bucket list,” but fear was holding me back.  I’ve only ever practiced yoga at my gym or in my living room.  I was utterly intimidated by the thought of walking into a real yoga studio.  Inspired by all of the yoga talk in the blog world, I decided to sign up for a class.  I found Open Doors Power Yoga online and decided to give them a try.  Their power yoga classes welcomed all levels and they offered a convenient schedule.

“Our Power Yoga is a flowing blend of different styles of yoga. Every class has a different sequence (Open Flow) and intensity level, depending on the instructor. It is HEAT based, active and intense class. At least five to ten previous moderate or beginners classes is recommended. High Intensity and High Heat 90 Degrees or higher.”

(description from their website)

Even after signing up, I was super nervous to attend, so I did my research and prepared for class.

Yoga Prep

Class was at 9 am, so I woke up around 7 to eat breakfast.  I had oatmeal, but subbed berries for the banana to lighten it up a bit.  I didn’t want anything to heavy in my stomach during the class.  Along with my oatmeal, I drank two large glasses of water – gotta stay hydrated!

A lighter bowl of oats.

After breakfast, I got ready.  I wore spandex shorts and a yoga tank for class.  I chose fabrics that wick sweat away and would allow me to move.  I also packed my bag with plenty of water, two towels, and my mat.

Yoga Class

I arrived at the studio about 15 minutes early.  The instructor greeted me at the desk and was really kind about answering my questions and putting me at ease.  It was a small studio and everyone seemed happy and welcoming.  I got set up, stretched a bit and adjusted to the heat.  I love heat. My body feels great when it’s warm and I felt surrounded by warmth and comfort.  The room was dimly lit with natural sounds coming from the speakers.  The instructor led us through 90 minutes of flow.  He took time to help each of us adjust our form and perfect our postures.  I enjoyed the 1:1 attention and felt like I was learning more about my body and yoga practice as the class went on.  My favorite parts of class were lingering in half-pigeon and holding crow for three breaths!  I was able to complete the entire class and I felt strong!  There was a puddle on my mat and I came to understand why everyone else brought yoga towels…I‘ll try a few more classes before I invest in my own. We ended with a calming savasana.  I felt such a sense of accomplishment and awareness at the end class.

The Yoga Glow

Positively glowing!

90 minutes in 95* leaves you with a glow, alright! I loved it! I was a hot mess, hair all curled up and sticking to my face, but it felt good.  I came home and had the urge to dig into a refreshingly juicy tangelo.  I knew I needed to rehydrate, so I also opened up a box of Zico Coconut Water.  My cousin Melissa gave me a few boxes to try and this was my first opportunity.  The company describes their product as “nature’s sports drink,” so I thought it would be perfect to replenish my body after such a challenging workout.  I loved the tropical flavor, too!

Zico Coconut Water yummy!

Still glowing so I’m off to enjoy another almost spring day!  Hoping to take Lucy for a walk and enjoy the sunshine!

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  1. Carol permalink
    March 7, 2010 9:10 pm

    Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself, will you go back for more??

    • March 7, 2010 9:26 pm

      I really did – I felt like I fit in there and I will definitely do it again. I’m curious about other studios though. They are all so different that I kind of want to try another one before I make a decision on where to go regularly. I think I’d like to do 1-2x/week.


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