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L. A. Z. Y.

March 10, 2010

Thanks for all the advice and get well wishes.  I’ve had a pretty easy – albeit sniffly – day.  My head and throat feel OK, but  I feel extra LAZY. I guess my body is sending me the message – rest!

I had plans to go to a 4:30 Pilates class at the gym, but it was so sunshine-y when I got out of work that I opted for an afternoon stroll with Lucy instead.  I came home and pumped myself with the almighty Vitamin C in the form of a little, juicy grapefruit.

Work your magic!

Then I clipped on Lucy’s leash and headed out into the sun.  My mom and I have been walking to same route through our neighborhood for years.  It’s the default route that I always take.  Lucy knows it like the back of her paw!  Today, I decided to let Lucy embrace her inner beagle (she’s 1/2 beagle, 1/2 pug) and follow her nose. I walked wherever she led me and we took quite a different path! It was fun to stroll through different parts of the ‘hood.  We walked for at least 45 minutes.  It was a nice way to unwind after work – Lucy’s such a good listener!

Follow the leader.

When I got home, I put together a simple dinner for the family.  I just cut up red potatoes, veggies, and chicken and roasted everything.

Roasting at 400.

It seemed like a tasty meal, but for some reason I was not in the mood for it.  Instead, I plated up this sloppy mess!

Mish-mosh dinner.

Please excuse the presentation – there’s no great way to present a sweet ‘tater, baked beans, and veggies!  I know it probably doesn’t look appetizing at all, but the vegetarian baked beans make a great sweet potato topping…and no meal is complete without vegetables.  By the time I sat down to eat, I was STARVING! I usually eat a much more substantial afternoon snack and my grapefruit definitely didn’t cut it.  Thank goodness this filled me right up!

I plan to stick with the trend of the day and have a lazy night.  I might do some yoga, but that’ll be the extent of it.  I have a feeling I’ll be throwin’ down with a little Bobby Flay and the Food Network tonight!

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