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Creatures, Creatures, Creatures

March 11, 2010

Greetings!  How’s it hangin’?

It was quite the day in Miss Paige’s class!  All thanks to Regal Reptiles for the interactive and educational experience!  Our gymnasium was filled with squeals of delight this morning as the children mingled with some fine new friends.

Slow and steady.

Tree frog trickster.

I think he likes us...

Bearded dragon fun.

These friends let us pet them and play with them during the show.  They were fun and friendly little guys.  Everyone was excited to say hello – don’t worry, I had my turn to touch all of them!  Things had only just begun when Gucci came into the picture.


Let’s just say, Miss Paige wasn’t 100% convinced that the band of electrical tape around that jaw was enough.  Gucci was an American Crocodile and she could move!  I had more than a few kindergarteners make their way onto my lap when she came on the scene!  Fun times!


After such a busy morning, everyone was spent!  I was still at work when I started coming up with excuses to skip my run.  I’m usually anxious to get home and run, but today…not so much! I thought about taking a nap instead, but I knew I was healthy enough to do something.  When I realized that it was still dry enough to run outside, I convinced myself to lace up the sneaks and get out there.  Only after I was ready did I realize a sad, sad truth – Garmin was DEAD! I could not believe I forgot to charge it.  I went out without it or even a watch, but my best guess is that I ran ~5 miles in ~45 minutes. I ran a familiar loop and kept a comfortable pace.  Knowing rain is on its way made this run that much more enjoyable.  I’m really glad I did it!

Time to take a hot shower and get ready for dinner.  What’ll it be?

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