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Shower Power

March 11, 2010

Steam, glorious steam! I love hot showers.  I love them even more when I have a little cold.  A steamy, hot shower is the perfect way to start the day and clear my head.  I have a bad habit of taking really long showers!  I can’t help it.  Once the water hits me, I don’t want to leave.  I know it’s not the most environmentally-friendly thing to do, but it makes for a happy Becky!

Feeling a little clearer, I came out to the kitchen to make breakfast.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted. French toast? Too much work! Pancakes? Nah! Oatmeal?  Boring! Green Monster?  Too cold!

Indecisive much?!  No worries, I came up with something!  Actually, I was a copycat and made exactly what my mom was eating.  PB and Banana Sandwich…and Vitamin C!

The almighty Yoga Bread!

It was a filling and satisfying choice.  I swear, you can’t go wrong with Yoga Bread.  The crunchy bits of pumpkin seeds/flax mixed with the soft, sweet cranberries made this breakfast!  My sandwich also left a little parting gift.

Empty Teddie's jar...

Can you guess what I’ll be eating for breakfast tomorrow?!

Gotta boogie! It’s a big day in school.  Regal Reptiles is coming to put on a show for the kiddies.  Yes – I will be “petting” the reptiles!  Ew! It’s part of the job…hope you don’t cross paths with a nasty ‘gator today!

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  1. March 11, 2010 1:52 pm

    Oooo, have fun at reptile day!!

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