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Accept It

March 13, 2010

My goal is to limit the negativity in this post.  I’m a perfectionist…to a fault, at times…and I tend to get a little upset when things do go as I’d hoped.  As I expected, it wasn’t a pretty scene when I woke up this morning.

My rainy reflection.

I sat and watched to rain for quite awhile, contemplating my next move.  I nibbled on toast and sipped warm water.

Toast with PB and jam.

After a few minutes, my stomach was still grumbling.  I figured the jam just wasn’t going to cut it, so I sliced a small apple with some extra PB to fuel for 8 miles.

On the side.

I was fueled up and ready to go…but where? My aunt, uncle and I planned to meet at the gym for our 8:30 run.  I felt congested and wanted to make a responsible, healthy decision; I also wanted to be a badass and run in the rain!  Thank goodness for Auntie Carol! As the wiser adult in this situation, she made the 8:15 call that we should run on the treadmill.  I’m grateful for a training partner with a good head on her shoulders.  With the cold I’ve been battling all week, I know it would have been self-sabotage to run on a raw, stormy morning.

I left for the gym, feeling a bit wimpy, and hopped on the treadmill.  I warmed up and waited for the crew to arrive.  We were lucky enough to get a group of treadmills together – yay! – so we could still enjoy our Saturday morning chat-fest.  That’s where the fun stopped.  I felt like death right from the start.  I couldn’t really decide if it was the cold or my disappointment at the weather, but I wasn’t feeling great.  I decided to stick with running and completed 4 miles in 35 minutes.  We managed negative splits and pushed ourselves to keep a consistent pace.

Overall, it was a successful workout.  I came home, grabbed a banana, and got reflective.

Still dark and dreary...

I need to accept that training has been going really well and this one run will not define me.  When I developed my training plan, I left plenty of room for juggling and stepping back, but I still have a tough time accepting it.  I feel like I’m at the beginning of my journey in healthy living.  I’m challenging myself in new ways and need reminders to look at the big picture rather than each day in isolation.  Identifying the problem is the first step to solving it!  I’m a work in progress.


Time for a steamy shower.  I can’t wait to put on something cozy and hunker down for this rainy Saturday.

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  1. Patty permalink
    March 13, 2010 4:11 pm

    Good for you Becky! You made the right decision…..or Auntie Carol did….lol! Please don’t be too hard on yourself, and remember all the wonderful things you tell me! Keep up the good work….and get some rest today! Lots of vit c too!! Just cuddle with Lucy and you will feel so much better. 🙂 Oh….and I completed another 5/2.5 run this am!!

    • March 13, 2010 4:18 pm

      Awesome, Patty! I know I need to listen to myself sometimes. Thank goodness I have friends like you to bring me back to reality. And I saw you enjoyed more oats – love it!

  2. March 13, 2010 4:22 pm

    “Big Picture” is definitely the way to be thinking – and, getting out and to the gym and a solid run, if shorter than you had anticipated, is still far better than not doing any run at all!

  3. March 14, 2010 8:06 pm

    Today was the first Sunday in a long time that I didnt run. I felt tired, no energy, sore throat and a headache. I decided that it would do more harm than good to run today.

    I kept looking out the window though and had to talk myself out of it so many times!

    We have to listen to our bodies I think.

    • March 14, 2010 8:20 pm

      You are right. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies! I’m glad you are treating your body kindly today, too.

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