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Walking the Dog

March 18, 2010

The afternoon started out like most others.  I came home and made myself an after-school snack.

Sweet and crunchy.

I had a small apple with peanut butter and some Annie’s bunnies.  I’m trying to stop myself from grabbing random handfuls of treats (like bunnies!), so I added a few to my snack.  They satisfied my craving and left me feeling content.

I had “stretch+strength” on the training plan, but I opted for a long walk with Lucy.  It was really nice out and I felt like my body could use the break.  We set off through our neighborhood, heading to Adam’s house.  That’s when things got pretty rocky. As we walked along I noticed a mangey, old dog walking in circles in the road.  It was off-leash and alone.  I looked around, hoping to see an owner, but I saw nothing.  When the dog noticed us approaching, the hair on its neck stood up and it started to walk towards us.  I quickly scooped up Lucy and kept walking – kicking my leg and shouting “NO!”  The dog followed us for awhile and my heart was racing.  I had my cell phone, but didn’t think calling for help would do much good.  Eventually my crazy antics scared the mutt away.  I glanced behind me for the rest of the walk, hoping that mutt didn’t find us!  Sheesh! It was quite the walk.


Adam and I decided to go out for dinner tonight.  We didn’t go with the St. Patty’s Day theme, but we enjoyed dinner, nonetheless.  We ate at Joe’s American Bar and Grill.  We’ve had consistently good food and service during each visit at Joe’s.  Their streak continued tonight.  We started with my favorite – warm peasant bread and butter.

My chunk.

I broke off a piece as soon as the loaf arrived.  I loved the warm, doughy center with a smidge of butter.  Next up – appetizers!  I’m not really an appetizer person, so I opted to start with the mixed green salad, while Adam went for the spinach artichoke dip.



The dip looked amazing, so I had to sample it.  I dipped a carrot and a pita chip.  Equally delicious each time!  It was very homemade and rustic with big chunks of artichoke blended into the cheesy goodness.  Our entrees came out just in time.  I ordered the baked scallop special – scallops topped with panko crumbs and served with jasmine rice and the vegetable of the day.


I was a little disappointed when my plate arrived because the server told me the veggie would be sauteed spinach.  I got some southwestern corn blend instead – not the same. I thought about mentioning it, but I was already pretty full from my big snack and our apps, so I didn’t fuss.  The scallops were excellent.  I ate about half of everything and boxed the rest for Adam.  He does a great job with my leftovers!

We enjoyed our dinner together and now its time to relax.  We’re over the hump!

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  1. March 18, 2010 2:15 am

    Thanks for the lovely email 🙂 I’m glad you managed to get past the crazy dog!

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