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The Gr8 8!

March 21, 2010

It’s been a record-breaking weekend and I’m on cloud nine!

Weekend warrior!

Last night, I got my official time for yesterday’s race – 25:12! I placed 680/3592 and I’m damn proud!  My first race was less than a year ago and I practically dragged myself across the finish line in 29:37.  Trust training.  It works!

With that in mind, I peeled myself out of bed for eight miles this morning.  I think the adrenaline from yesterday caught up to me a bit.  My legs felt a little stiff and heavy.  Luckily, there was no rush because I was going solo.  I leisurely ate a bagel thin with PB and jam, while sipping black coffee and water.

Classic pre-run breakfast.

I stalled until 8 am when I finally decided I was ready to head out.  I opted for a predictable course and ran out 4 miles before turning around to come home.  I thought I’d chosen a flat route, but I was wrong! I hit some killer hills!  Luckily, the uphills turned into downhills on the way home.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect morning.  I breathed brisk spring morning air, felt the breezes, and enjoyed the warm sun on my face.  It made the run so worthwhile!

This morning I set a new personal distance record!

Total Distance: 8.0 m

  • Mile 1 – 8:44/mi
  • Mile 2 – 9:05/mi
  • Mile 3 – 9:14/mi
  • Mile 4 – 9:28/mi
  • Mile 5 – 9:21/mi
  • Mile 6 – 9:10/mi
  • Mile 7 – 9:21/mi
  • Mile 8 – 9:16/mi

Total Time: 1:13:45

My running partner.

I came home, stretched, and iced my knees.

Lucy is taking care of her mommy.

I decided to ice as a preventative measure.  I feel blessed that my body has stayed so strong through the training and I want to treat it with the respect it deserves!  My legs feel great and it’s time to refuel.

I’m off to Sunday breakfast with Adam!  Happy weekend!

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  1. Patty permalink
    March 21, 2010 2:09 pm

    Hey Becky!! I am so proud of you. You had a great weekend….and I enjoyed seeing you at the race. You are truly an inspiration!! Keep up the good work….and take care of yourself too! Splurge today! 🙂

    • March 21, 2010 3:14 pm

      Thanks, Patty! It has been great…the perfect way to kick off spring! I can’t wait to run one with you next year!

  2. Brian permalink
    March 21, 2010 8:00 pm

    Becky, I agree, can’t wait to get Patty out there for one…St. Pats ’11 is definitely doable! Got my 8 in this morning as well, got to get a garmin too, can’t get an accurate read on my pace but got the 8 don in roughly 1:15:00.

    • March 21, 2010 10:10 pm

      The Garmin is the best training tool. It really helps my keep my pace and gives me the information I need to push myself a little harder. I definitely recommend it – and congrats to you and Eric for completing your first 5K! It was a wonderful day!

  3. March 21, 2010 11:25 pm

    I agree about Garmin. We have the same watch. I bought mine a few weeks back.

    I love the fact I can take new routes and not calculate distances in my head. I am still new to running so this is great.

    I went out to run 3 miles this morning here in Stockholm, Sweden and ended up running 7 miles. Great feeling. Though I did it in the same time you did 8 miles. Pace is not my strong point 😉

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