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Friday, Pie Day

March 27, 2010

Today’s been really good.  I’ll credit the pancake breakfast with keeping me in a great mood all day!  I laughed with the kiddos and had a happy day.  I was a hungry girl after work and was ready to rip open a Clif bar, when I decided on a much more exciting afternoon snack – AIAJ!

Apples in a jar.

This was officially the last jar in my stash.  These half-sized almond butter jars are the perfect size for warm, cinnamon apples.  I threw some Galaxy granola on top to stop myself from stealing handfuls from the bag.  Yum!

I debated what to do tonight and decided to keep with tradition – dinner with the gramster! My fun cousin, Hayley, joined us for dinner at Bob and Timmy’s .  We loved it the first time – check out my review – and were excited to go back for more.

I was so impressed with the fresh garden salad and homemade dressing that I ordered it again.

Just as I remembered.

Hayley giggled as I snapped photos of my food and we all laughed when my salad was served with a large spoon – did they expect me to share?! Sorry.  This girl needs her veggies!  We placed our pizza order and it arrived very quickly…hot and fresh from the oven.

Wood-grilled to perfection.

We agreed to share a margherita pizza tonigh.  I’m still raving the crisp, thin crust and super fresh ingredients.  A perfect pie!

Oh, but wait!  I wasn’t done with pie yet.  I headed back to Gram’s for a slice of her homemade apple pie – Gram’s speciality!

Apple pie a la mode.

I heated up my slice and had a small dollop of chocolate ice cream with it.  It was the only available ice cream and while it’s not traditional, this piece of pie satisfied all of my dessert cravings for the evening.

I’m home and fueled up for nine miles in the morning.  I decided to spend some time pampering myself with a face mask and embarrassing my poor girl.

C'mon, Lucy! It's not that bad!

What a vain dog!  I explained that beauty comes from the inside, but she’s not buying it!  Fun times.

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