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March 31, 2010

I packed my after-school snack in my lunch box today and quickly ate it after dismissal.  I planned to run right after work and knew this would be quick and easy.  I try to avoid the lure of pre-packages bars too often, but sometimes they are so worth it.  This bar gave me the boost I needed and was easy to digest before a workout.

Of course, it’s still raining!  Running in the rain seems fun on a warm, summer day…but today is far from warm or summery.  I opted for another treadmill run instead…yuck!  Luckily, today was a short run day, so I revisted IGE’s 3 – 2 – 1 interval workout. I did this workout before, but today I increased the intensity a bit.

  • 3 minutes @ 7.0 mph (8:34/mi)
  • 2 minutes @ 7.3 mph (8:13/mi)
  • 1 minute   @ 7.6 mph (7:53/mi)

I repeated these intervals until I hit 3 miles – 24:35 minutes. I walked for an additional 1/2 mile before spending ample time stretching and foam rolling.  Intervals are great for breaking out of a rut, easing the boredom, and getting a high-intensity workout.  I love that they can be adjusted for all fitness levels.  I worked up a good sweat and couldn’t believe how fast the time flew.  With that said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to run outside tomorrow, for real!

Dinner plans with Adam tonight….I’m off and running again!

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  1. March 31, 2010 11:20 pm

    That sounds like an awesome workout!! Have a great night! 🙂

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