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Spoke Too Soon

April 7, 2010

This morning I posted about my failed attempt to replicate a delicious almond butter recipe I found.  It seems I spoke too soon. The flavor of the almond butter was amazing and I had really wanted to salvage it.  I knew it probably needed more oil and I had an idea!  I simply added the homemade stuff to the end of a jar of store-bought almond butter.

DING DING DING!  We have a winner!  Mixing the nut butters added just the right amount of oil and I’m back in business.  I smeared some on a bagel thin with jam and enjoyed it for lunch this afternoon.

Don’t worry – I don’t use my plan book for a placemat – I was just rushing :).

I had a craving for iced coffee all day, so I made a pit stop on the way home.

I had the best coffee combo – coconut coffee with skim milk, no sugar! Dunkin Donuts knows best!  I enjoyed sipping it as I flipped through my new Runner’s World.

I’ve been indoors long enough!  It’s time to enjoy an afternoon snack on the deck with my pup.

Yogurt and Granola.

She always has such a great tan!

Lucy and her best friend, Molly.

Pilates and date night tonight…see you later!

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