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Let Vacation Commence!

April 16, 2010

Think back.  Remember how it felt when the last bell rang?  School vacation is here!  I am so ready for a little break from everything…with lots of fun sprinkled in!

When the alarm went off this morning, Lucy and I just looked at each other.  You know the look. Not the alarm!  Even for this morning person, it was tough to get out of bed.  Thank goodness for an empty PB jar.  It’s always nice to have a yummy breakfast to look forward to.  It was cold and dark this morning…perfect for OIAJ.

These weren’t just any oats.  They were Peanut Butter and Jelly Oats. Can I get a yum, yum?!

I just added a scoop of local strawberry jam to my jar and called it breakfast.  It hit the spot!  I needed something comforting and hearty to get me through the final day before vacation.  We were all a little antsy!

I teach all-day kindergarten – 25 students, 1 teacher assistant, and me!  It’s busy, but manageable and I’ve got some shining stars in my class.  They are the best!  This week was a little different, though, because my assistant has had to take some time out of work.  I had substitutes filling in….until today.  DUN DUN DUN! Miss Paige vs. The Masses! Scary, scary thoughts.  So what’s a kindergarten teacher to do?

Sorry, Jamie Oliver.  I really am.  Some days just require munchkins.  50 of ’em.  I couldn’t get my hands on a single one and this was still the best snack ever.  I swear, a five year old will love you forever…or at least until the end of the day…if you give them a munchkin.  Maybe it wasn’t the healthiest thing in the world, but everything in moderation! Last week was veggies (check out this post), this week – donuts!

Since I wasn’t about to wrestle any little kids for a munchkin, I ate a snack when I got home.

A little container of plain yogurt, granola, and pumpkin butter makes an exceptional snack.  I feel a sudden burst of vacation energy and I’m rearing to go!


Look out, Boston bloggers!  Here I come!  My amazing cousin, Melissa, is letting me stay at her place to bond and enjoy all of the Marathon festivities this weekend.  I am super excited to be in the city!

Will you be in Boston this weekend? If so, let me know!

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