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After the Run

April 21, 2010

It’s always fun to relax and enjoy the day after a long run.  My day’s been filled with plenty of good eats, stretching, and bonding time with Lucy.

I only ate a light lunch after the run, so I snacked on giant yogurt bowl this afternoon.

  • 1 container of plain Chobani
  • 1/2 banana
  • cantaloupe chunks
  • 1/3 c. Fiber One

All mixed up!

I had a doctor’s appointment late this afternoon.  That always means lots of time sitting in uncomfortable waiting room chairs – yuck!  I knew my appetite…with a side of cranky…would probably kick in while waiting, so I grabbed a pear as I walked out the door.

This little guy looked much better than he tasted.  It definitely needed more time to ripen.  I’ll stick to crunchy apples.  I like pears to be a bit on the soft side.  I ate it anyway and it did keep me feeling good until I got out of my appointment at 6.

Good news!  I got a clean bill of health.  Doc gave me to go ahead for marathon training and was pleased with my progress. I’m super anxious about going to the doctor, so this really made my day!

Dinner time and nothing was planned…oops!  Gram saved the day.  I high-tailed it to her house for a well-rounded meal.  She’s so good to me.  She always has a well-stocked kitchen and she’s a great dinner companion – what a combo!

Meals at Grammy’s always start with a fresh, green salad.  I think it’s my favorite part.  I can always count on her to have plenty of fresh veggies on hand.  Tonight was no different.  I drizzled some Italian dressing over my crispy, refreshing starter.

For dinner, I made a plate with a stuffed pepper, half a baked potato, and some corn.  Everything tasted so good.  Gram’s home cooking!  I stayed awhile and enjoyed a cup of tea before heading home.

All day my sweet tooth has been in over drive.  It’s no secret that I’m a sucker for desserts!  I couldn’t help myself tonight.  I stopped at a nearby market, known for their homemade prepared foods, and bought a slice of carrot cake to share with mama!

Perfection!  Sometimes you just need dessert.  I don’t mean guiltless substitutes.  I mean dessert!  Most night’s I enjoy fro-yo, fruit, yogurt, or a piece of dark chocolate.  Tonight I just needed the real thing.  I hadn’t savored a gourmet dessert in a long time and this cake was the answer to my prayers!

Three days of running means it’s high time for some yoga.  I hope I make it to class in the morning.  Time to settle in.

G’night, my dears!

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