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Family Night

April 24, 2010

For me, Friday night is family night.  They are always a low-key night to catch up with my gram and other relatives.  Last night was no exception.  It was extra special because my aunt and cousin joined us for dinner.  I don’t get to see them as often as I would like, so we had lots to chat about.

Gram and I decided to give them a taste of our favorite pizza at Bob and Timmy’s.  Our table started with salad.

Then we agreed to split the “Pizza III.”  It was the first pizza I tried at Bob and Timmy’s and it’s still my favorite – parmesan and romano chesse, garlic and olive oil, and sun-dried tomatoes. Last night we kicked it up a notch by ordering a side of pomodoro sauce.

I dipped my slices into the sauce and felt like I was eating cheesy, garlicky breadsticks.  Amazing!  I love sauce-less pizza, but a good sauce can really make a slice!  This was a good sauce.

On the way home from dinner, we drove by Sandy’s. Sandy’s is a tiny little ice cream stand on Main Street in my gram’s small town.  It’s within walking distance from her house, so it’s become a traditional to get a cone from Sandy’s on summer nights.  What? ! It’s not summer yet?! Well, it was for us!  In keeping with tradition, we stopped for a cold, creamy cone of…

…soft serve!  Soft-serve ice cream is completely under-rated.  Maybe it’s not hand-churned or homemade, but it’s damn good!  I get super excited about soft-serve in the summer.  I licked my kiddie twist with chocolate jimmies – yes, jimmies – until the last drop!  Then I licked my lips.  Then I licked my hands.  Then…it was just that enjoyable!  My obligatory cone at Sandy’s was a good one!

It was such a relaxing night.  I got a great eight hour snooze and now I’m gearing up for my last long run before the half!  A solo run…I’m on my way!

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