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Back to Basics

April 26, 2010

This afternoon I slipped right back into my pre-training routine.  I really wanted to go for a refreshing run after getting back to the grind of the work day, but I knew it wouldn’t be right.  Instead, I kept things low-key.

I wasn’t ready for a snack when I got home, so I just threw on my shorts and running shoes and looped through the neighborhood.  It completed two miles at a consistent 8:30/mi pace.  Even splits! Haha…it may have only been two miles, but I’ll take it!

My run ended on a strange note.  I found a loose dog in the ‘hood.  Actually, someone else found the dog, screamed to me from down the street, and told me that she didn’t know what to do with it.  Funny thing is, this is the third – yes, third! – time I have found a dog near my house while running.  Just call me Beck Doolittle!  So…like a good neighbor, I took over for the bewildered lady.  I brought the dog into my yard and got my “law & order” on!  The dog didn’t have a name tag, but it had a rabies tag from it’s vet.  I gave the vet a call, asked them to locate the owner, and doggie was safely returned home. Some serious detective work!

After such a short run, I was ready for more.  Monday night Pilates!  For months, I faithfully attended this class.  I was excited to go back.  Between running, dog rescuing, and class, I had a yogurt snack.

Plain Greek yogurt and crunchy granola – a tried and true combo!

Pilates was fabulous!  We did some traditional core work with some of my instructor’s fun moves.  My body felt great.  It was nice to work it out in a different way.  I also enjoying chatting with some gym regulars that I’ve missed.  We used to spend six days/week taking classes together.  It was fun to reconnect with my workout buddies!

Thankfully, my snack gave me the oomph to prep dinner before class.  I kept it simple – grilled chicken, steamed green beans, and carrot/parsnip fries.  All I had to do was plate it up when I got home.

I marinated the chicken in a crazy mix, inspired by my best friend’s amazing chicken wing recipe.  I didn’t measure everything….promise I will next time…because this is a must-try!  The marinade included:

  • soy sauce
  • agave
  • hand-squeezed orange juice from 1/2 an orange
  • ketchup
  • minced garlic

I know it sounds weird, but it works!  It really does!  The chicken tasted fantastic.  The marinade enhanced the meal without overpowering it.  I love at-home marinades.  I’ve used some crazy combos, too.  The weirdest was definitely Coca-Cola, Italian dressing, and ketchup for steak.

What’s your favorite marinade/sauce for grilling?

Do you make your own or buy something tasty?

Off to enjoy Monday evening!

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  1. April 26, 2010 11:49 pm

    I love my moms recipe for grilled chicken, I need to get it from her so that I can grill chicken this summer!! 🙂

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