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My Favorite Things

*This page is a work in progress.*

On my journey to live a healthy life, I have tried countless products, read many books, and researched wellness from all angles.  These are a few of the things I rely on to stay happy and fit.

1. Water. My water bottle is practically an extension of my right arm.  You rarely find me without it!  I start my morning with a giant glass of water, sip on water throughout the day, and chug water during and after my workouts.  I think everyone should own a safe, washable, reusable water bottle.

My Trusty Nalgene

2. Fresh Fruits and Veggies. I love, love, love fresh produce.  I love farmer’s markets and grocery stores.  I love the fresh flavors, bright colors, and overall healthfulness you feel when eating fruits and veggies.  I always loved fruits, but I have expanded my horizons and try to incorporate new and different vegetables into my diet regularly.  “Roasted” is definitely my preferred way to eat veggies.  Its hard to come up with a list of my favorite fruits and vegetables because I love so many, but here are the ones I eat most often:

  • bananas
  • apples
  • melon
  • berries
  • brussels sprouts
  • green beans
  • bell peppers
  • carrots
  • leafy greens
  • squash – any and all varieties!

3. Whole Grains. I am a reformed carb-addict!  For years, I’d eat bowls of white rice or a baked potato for lunch.  I filled my plate with starches and nibbled on bites of produce and protein.  When I began losing weight, I feared carbohydrates…that is, until whole grains entered my life!  I now know that no food is off limits – even carbs.  I incorporate healthy, complex carbs into most of my meals.  They satisfy my cravings and fuel my lifestyle.  I love:

  • oats
  • quinoa
  • whole-grain breads
  • granola

4. Nut Butters. We all need to incorporate protein and healthy fats into our diet.  Nut butters are my favorite way to do this!  I keep many different nut butters on hand at all times, usually peanut and almond butter varieties.  If you are a nut butter addict like me, try some of these:

I’m always buying new and different nut butters…and I’ve even made some at home!  You’ll be the first to know when I find something worth trying.

5.  The Garmin Forerunner 305. I received mine as a Christmas gift and squealed with delight when I opened it!  This little piece of equipment keeps track of so much information that I’m still learning about all of its amazing features.  I mainly use my Garmin for outdoors runs and I cannot wait to sync it to my computer and see all the data at the end.  This device has really improved my ability to train on the road and I’d feel lost (haha!  no pun intended) without it.

Modeling my favorite toy!

7. Quality running shoes. When I began running, I took leisurely jogs around my neighborhood.  I laced up my broken-in sneaks and hit the road.  It didn’t take long before everything hurt!  I was always sore and my heels! Oh man, I had pain shooting through my heel and lower leg.  I took a couple of weeks off from running and headed to my favorite running store, PR Running, to get fitted for new shoes.  They  were able to recognize the biomechanics of my body and recommend an appropriate shoe.  I currently wear these Brooks Adrenaline GTS 10 and they have made all the difference in the world.  Go to your local running store and get fitted!

8. My Yoga Mat. Based on the title of the blog, you already know that I love to run.  I actually enjoy all forms of cardio, but I’ve found that yoga is the best way for me to maintain balance.  I need yoga on regular basis to help me maintain physical and mental strength and well-being.  I even do fifteen minutes of yoga with my kindergarten class every afternoon – and they love it as much as me!  I really have noticed positive changes in myself since I began practicing yoga and I strongly encourage everyone to quiet their mind and give it a try!

9. Workout Buddies. This blog documents my musings on working out and staying fit.  I joined the gym in January 2009 because a friend convinced me to do it.  Since joining the gym, I have become a part of a tight-knit community of fitness enthusiasts.  We teach each, push each, and inspire each other on a daily basis.  My workout buddies make fitness fun and keep me interested in new and different challenges.  If you are interested in developing more healthy habits, find some friends to join you!  It makes all the difference in the world.

Sharing the joy with my aunt and uncle after our 5K.

Sweatin' it out with the ladies of "the gym."

10.  My MacBook! None of this would be possible without my computer.  From day one, I have turned to the internet for information, healthy recipes, inspiration, and motivation.  Sometimes I need to unplug, but I am truly in love with this little machine!

Different things help different people succeed.  These are my favorites.  If you are just starting out on your own journey, I hope this list helps you.  If you are living a healthy lifestyle, please share – what are some of your favorite things?

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  1. February 27, 2010 7:19 am

    Some great ideas in there. Today I am off to buy a Garmin 405, and I was told running was cheap when I started 😉

    I am very surprised to read that your Ipod didnt make this list. I think it would be number 1 on mine. I could never have got started running, or indeed carried on without it.

    • February 27, 2010 11:36 am

      I did use my ipod for a while, but I recently ditched it for all of my outdoor runs. I still use it on the treadmill, but I prefer running without it when I can. I feel like my breathing and pacing improves when it’s just me and the road 🙂

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