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While this blog is still in its infancy, I have taken some time to reflect on its purpose.  I am an avid blog reader and I realize that it is important for every blogger to find their own voice and establish the direction of their blog.  This page is not only meant for you, but also as a reminder for me.

I feel like Beck On the Run is a fun way for me to share my ideas on wellness.  My focus is mainly exercise and eating.  I strive to include exercise and healthy eating habits into my daily life, while maintaining a happy, healthy balance.  Please read my story to better understand where I am coming from.

Just as counting calories was not for me – too obsessive – I will not use this blog as a food diary.  I truly love preparing and eating healthy food, but I simply don’t think it would work for me to document everything I eat.

Through this blog, I hope to share the following:

  • super-charged workout ideas
  • my training endeavors
  • information on preparing/eating healthy food
  • product reviews
  • special and exciting snacks and meals
  • and more!

I love chit-chat and sharing stories and ideas, so feel free to contact me and we can talk food and fitness!

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