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Weight Loss Story

Over the past year, I have made some major changes in my life.  At this point, I am maintaining my weight and focus on health and fitness.  In the beginning, my focus was a little bit different.  I first wrote this story as a guest post on my cousin, Melissa’s blog, Crunches for Cupcakes.  I’m reposting it here for all of you!

Before - Summer 2008

Each and every one of us has a story.  We all come from somewhere.  One of the most exciting things about reading and writing blogs is sharing our stories.  Today I will share mine.

I am 25 years old.  In my jam-packed 25 years, I’ve created a reputation for myself.  The BIG talker, world-class shopper, sarcastic jokester, bubbly kindergarten teacher, and academic.  I carved out my niche.  I was also known for being “big-boned, curvy, well-endowed.”  I thought my life would continue on that path forever.

I changed my mind.  In December 2009, my best friend, Meg flew in from Washington DC.  She looked great!  She took up spinning, running, yoga…and it showed!  For 11 years, I shared clothes and gourmet meals with Meg, but that quickly ended.  I watched her healthy habits and saw the impressive results.  Around the same time, I went to the doctor.  She was concerned.  She noticed that for the past couple of years my blood pressure was a little high, too high…should she put me on blood pressure medication?  I begged to have a chance to make some changes.  So many of the important people in my life were living healthy lifestyles and I was empowered to do the same.

In January 2009, I joined “the gym” in my hometown.  Along with all of those who had made weight-loss resolutions for the New Year, I threw myself into exercise.  I am an over-achiever by nature, so I made a plan.  Go to the gym six days/week.  Try as many classes as possible.  Never quit!  I stuck to that plan.  In the first week, I tried Pilates, spinning, power yoga, gentle yoga, running on the treadmill.  It was hard, but I felt rejuvenated, invigorated, and finally, happy with myself.

Exercising was a blast, my new hobby!  My friends at the gym became my second family.  While I LOVED exercising and would jump feet-first into any new workout, I knew it was not the only aspect of my life that needed tweaking.  I needed to change my diet, too.  That part came very slowly.  I started out by counting and cutting calories.  I saw results and I was pleased, but I was never satisfied.  I craved boneless buffalo wings and ice cream.  I realized that if I wanted to change my lifestyle, “diet” food just wouldn’t cut it.  I needed to do something more.

As I said, I’m a kindergarten teacher, so I have the luxury of summers off.  In June, I vowed to teach myself to cook.  I started researching healthy recipes, reading blogs, grocery shopping, and educating myself about nutrition.  With all of the information I collected, I started to eat “real” foods.  I have tried countless recipes and discover so many new foods and flavors.  After the intensity of spin and running, there is nothing more therapeutic for me than coming into the kitchen and getting creative with food.  I am now satisfied!

I love my life!  I started this journey at 165 lbs. with borderline high blood pressure.  I lost a total of 55 lbs, but I also let go of a lot of baggage.  I don’t live according my reputation.  I set the bar for myself and I accomplished things I never imagined possible.  I feel a million times better about myself and where I am headed.

With the support of my family, I completed my first 5K at Bryant University on October 4, 2009.  I finished in 29:36, placing 28/81 women in the race.  I ran in my second 5K just one week later and finished in 27:10!  I am registered to run some 5K’s this spring, before I take on the Challenge of 2010 – The Willow Tree Half Marathon in Providence, RI on May 2, 2010.  Can’t wait to wave to everyone as I cross the finish line!

After - Fall 2009 - still smiling after the race!

Going back to the beginning, we all have a story.  This is only mine.  Over time, I made small changes in my life and they have amounted to something big.  It is important to remember that it takes many small steps to reach a goal.  Everyone needs to find their own balance and remember to have fun every step of the way!  If you aren’t satisfied then it’s probably time for a change!

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  1. Carmella Lussier permalink
    February 14, 2010 1:06 pm

    What a great story – its an inspiring story and might try to join in the weightloss – my problems is I love to cook. but love to exercise too. You look great and keep up the good work.

  2. Tammy Roy permalink
    February 15, 2010 6:00 pm

    You look great Becky!!!!! When I deliver this baby I am on a mission myself. I have gestational diabeties and my husband is borderline. So I have started making changes now and will continue after Mia is born!!!!

    • February 15, 2010 6:43 pm

      Thank you, Tammy! I wish you lots of happiness and good health for your growing family!

  3. Leah Rodrigues permalink
    February 16, 2010 2:06 pm

    Becky you are truly an inspiration to all…love reading your blogs they are better than the newest novel. You look fantastic and are so positive…it is so refreshing to see that in our world. I wish you all the best…Looking forward to reading more:)

  4. February 21, 2010 2:18 pm

    I am so glad you posted a comment on my blog so I could come find yours! This is great and I am so excited that you are becoming a RUNNAH!!! woot woot!

    • February 21, 2010 4:09 pm

      Thanks, Kelly…I’ll definitely keep checking your blog for more running inspiration! I really love it!

  5. February 27, 2010 7:12 am

    I am very inspired by this. I am a guy who was seriously overweight, through running and a change of diet I am now overweight!

    I have signed up for the Stockholm Half Marathon in September this year, so been training for that.

    I will add you to my blog reader, I need all the help and inspiration I can get!

    • February 27, 2010 11:35 am

      Thanks so much for stopping by the blog. You have great story, too! Stick with it because it’s sooo worth it! I checked out you blog and it looks like you are an accomplished guy – rock on!!

  6. March 1, 2010 10:31 pm

    Congratulations, Becky!

    And, thank you – your story was exactly what I needed today. I had been feeling powerless and lazy, but I’m feeling better and more in control already!

    Will definitely keep checking up 🙂

    • March 2, 2010 1:21 am

      Thanks for being so sweet. It’s a journey for everyone and we all have down days. We just have to have more good days to balance them out 🙂

  7. March 7, 2010 12:26 pm

    wow… love your story. I have always been “bigboned” as well . I started exercising 20 years ago (am 43) and have never stopped. I weighed 192lbs in college and got my weight down to 150. I never seem to be able to go lower and maintain it. You are giving me inspiration to “change my mind!”
    please check out my blog. I am new to this and would love any feedback!!!

  8. April 2, 2010 1:15 pm

    awesome story! you look fabulous!

  9. Stephanie permalink
    April 15, 2010 8:33 pm

    Awesome blog! I’m new to the food blogging world but hope to start my own really soon. I’ve been a health nut foodie weight loser myself for a few years but just recently began reading these blogs for motivation. Ran my first 5k last October the day before yours and am signed up for another on Sunday and then my first half-marathon in June. Like you…can’t wait to wave to everyone once I cross! Keep up the good work…..blogs like these are more motivating than you can possibly understand!

    • April 16, 2010 12:38 am

      Thanks for visiting my blog! I’m glad you are enjoying it! Keep me posted on your training for the half-marathon. I am getting sooo excited and I’m sure you’re feeling the same. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  10. April 21, 2010 8:49 pm

    So inspiring! Congratulations on all that you have accomplished.

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